Security at hotels being inevitable in today's world. the 'Guidelines for Security measures for Hotels' issued by Hotels Association of India, recommends that hotels install a Visitor Management software as a part of their 3-tier security system starting with perimeter security.
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Visitor management at hospitals pose several challenges with the large volume of visitors continually visiting the hospitals. A hospital has several unauthorised areas which have to be monitored.
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Multi Tenancy Buildings

MTBs (Multi tenancy buildings) are increasingly using the services of Property Management consultants (PMCs) to keep their facilities in order. How can the security aspect be far behind?
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Rising cases of child offenders , callous school transport personnel and increasing security lapses have forced management of educational institutions to take cognizance of the fact that children, adolescents and staff at the campus needs to be secure at all times.
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Residential Apartments

Visitor management software equips tenants and apartment owners to live in a safe and secure environment. It gives the security personnel the necessary platform to quickly register the details of visitors, vendors, daily workers, maids, drivers, couriers, etc.
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The critical aspect of organizing a good exhibition, is managing the thousands of visitors efficiently. A systematic record of all people movement, clear definition of access areas and high security control during the entire event is paramount.
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