Visitor Management System for Companies in the COVID-19 Era

16 OCT 2020
Best Practices

As companies return to regular operations, it is now a challenge to protect the workforce from COVID-19. Security and accountability within the organisation are more important now than ever. Organisations will now need a secure way of monitoring every person who enters their facility to ensure the future stability of their organisation.

By installing a Visitor Management System, we get numerous benefits and also minimize the spread of COVID-19 within the organisation :

1. Contact less check-in process

This hygienic approach allows visitors to sign in by scanning a QR code using the camera on their smart phone.

2. Reduces the number of unexpected visitors

Visitors should be pre-registered via email. This will prevent non-essential visits.

3. Screening the visitors

It’s vital that you screen the visitors to prevent the individuals affected with corona virus from entering. During the registration process you can send them important health and safety information, and a questionnaire regarding their health history in advance of their arrival. You can grant or deny access based on questions you’ve asked during the screening process.

4. Contact tracing.

mplementing this strategy will help in identifying and managing individuals that have been exposed to Corona virus. In the event that a high-risk or known infected individual has entered your workplace, you can immediately contact employees and visitors who signed in on that day, ask them to get tested, and request that they isolate themselves for 14 days.

Visitor Management System will help in delivering what you’ve promised to your internal and external stakeholders alike. Grab this opportunity to grow your Company’s reputation despite the odds. Let us be proactive and keep our people and property safe.

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